As a new nurse, entering the workforce can be exciting and overwhelming. However, the responsibilities, demands, and expectations can seem daunting, leaving many new nurses unprepared and unsure of themselves. At Team Select, we understand the challenges of starting a new nursing career. We interviewed our clinicians for their insights and advice for new nurses. In this blog, we’ll share three things our experienced nurses wish they had known when starting in recognition of National Nurses Week this month.

“If I could go back in time, I would tell my younger self to take it one day at a time and not to compare yourself to others,” says Dina Ruef, RN, BSN. “As a new grad nurse, I had these expectations of how many hours I would work, what area I would specialize in, and how to grow my knowledge and experience. Let the expectations go. Take advantage of every opportunity that is presented until you find your niche. Don’t let fear hold you back because, with each opportunity, you will learn so much. I have worked in many different places and areas in my career, and each one has given me new insights and has kept me passionate about being a nurse. Never stop learning and do your best each and every day. Good things will come!”

As a new grad nurse, Team Select has several Tuition Assistance Programs and Continuing Education initiatives to best support you in your journey working in Home Care.

“My advice for new nurses would be to take care of yourself first and foremost. If you aren’t taking care of yourself as a nurse, then you won’t be able to positively impact your patients to the best of your ability, says Carissa Molden, Team Select Clinical Supervisor. “I started working in a hospital setting during the height of COVID-19 and was quickly burnt out. I realized I could not fully care for my patients if I had nothing left and wasn’t caring for me first. So then, I started looking for a nursing career in home health. I joined Team Select about a year ago, and since then have felt like my work in the home setting has made such an impact in my patients’ lives.”

Another piece of advice for new nurses is to stay in the know of industry trends by reading articles and blogs. NurseJournal does a great job of providing helpful articles and advice. 

“One piece of career advice I would share and one of the three things I wish I knew when starting in the healthcare industry is to stay curious. You are your patient’s number one advocate. Ask questions in situations where your patient may need you the most,” says Melinda Chaney, RN.

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