Our Family Programs offer an alternative, cost-effective care model that provides a solution for medically fragile families, medically complex families, and families with unique needs.

 How Our Family Programs Solve Challenges Many Families Face

For years, families with unique needs have struggled to receive quality, in-home care consistent with their needs. With a lack of constant, around-the-clock care, families often face challenges with increasing re-hospitalizations, declining health, and often a loss of a household income, forcing a parent or loved one to give up their career to stay home and provide care.

With our Family Programs, such as the Family CNA Program and the Personal Care / Attendant Services model, loved ones can become paid caregivers at no cost. These programs solve the nationwide nursing shortage, create care consistency, reduce re-hospitalizations, and create a more stable and loving home environment.

Learn More About the Family Programs

If you are interested in becoming a trained caregiver for your loved one, please fill out the form and a Team Select member will be in contact with you shortly!