Healthcare Continuum of Care and Why It’s Vital to Patient Success

Healthcare Continuum of Care and Why It’s Vital to Patient Success

There is never just one plan of care for every patient – it takes a team of knowledgeable healthcare professionals and individuals to create a continuum of care that is unique to that patient. A collaborative plan of care ensures that your treatment, recovery, and overall well-being are mending to create a path to independence. 

Have you ever completed a task in the workplace or at home and forgot to tell your team or partner? Then, 15 minutes later they complete the same task? This is why collaboration and communication is so important! 

Continuum of Care

When it comes to your unique care, having your physician, specialist, and therapist openly collaborate with one another can allow for each member of your care team to share their thoughts on new treatment options and maintain a continuum of care. This leads to improved care!

“The value of a collaborative plan of care is simply timeliness of care initiation,” said Team Select Mobile Physician Services Vice President General Manager, Clay Hall, PhD, MBA, NP-C. “Within our continuum at Team Select, if one of our doctors needs Home Health or Outpatient Therapy for a patient, it typically gets started the same day because we have such a strong internal working relationship with one another. No waiting for weeks to get the patient the care they need, only to learn the faxed referral was lost or declined by an outside agency. A patient’s disease and pain doesn’t wait; neither does Team Select.” 

Think of Team Select’s Continuum of Care like a puzzle. Each piece goes together with the next, creating a well-completed puzzle to reduce re-hospitalizations, improve patient care, and drive clinical outcomes for our valued patients and their loved ones. 

“Ultimately, the goal of all medical and healthcare professionals should be the same: to provide patients with the best care possible. This is easier to achieve with interprofessional collaboration. Instead of having individuals take turns caring for them, patients have a team on their side from the start, working together to provide care that has lasting results.” – EMS

Team Select offers a variety of services, tailored to our patients’ needs. These services may include:

You can find out more about our services and full continuum of care at www.tshc.com/services

Not only is collaboration becoming more and more important, it is being seen as a rising trend in healthcare within the United States. “More and more doctors are working in hospitals these days instead of hanging out their own shingles. By centralizing healthcare and focusing on the strengths and specialties of doctors and nurses, the industry strives to achieve the higher value promised by its philosophical shift. Each hub, too, consults with other hubs instead of competing with them.” – Healthcare Management Degree Guide