World Blood Donor Day: Save a Life

World Blood Donor Day: Save a Life

Originating in 2005, World Blood Donor Day on the 14th of June each year raises “global awareness of the need for safe blood and blood products for transfusion and of the critical contribution voluntary, unpaid blood donors make to national health systems.” – World Health Organization (WHO)

This year – WHO encourages individuals around the world to donate blood regularly with the slogan “Give blood and keep the world beating.”

The importance of blood supply is simple. Everyone needs it. According to the American Red Cross, every two seconds someone in the United States needs blood.

“Whether a patient receives whole blood, red cells, platelets or plasma, this lifesaving care starts with one person making a generous donation.” – American Red Cross

With a shelf life of 5 to 42 days depending on the cells and platelets, blood donations are always in high demand. With eight different blood types and only one available for all other blood types, O-blood, supplying hospitals, care facilities and clinics with the proper quantities is vital to a patient’s recovery and in most cases, life.

While there are a few minor inconveniences to donating; wait time, dizziness, pain, potential bruising, donating blood not only helps others but yourself too.

Hereditary hemochromatosis, a condition that causes your body to absorb too much iron, can be treated by donating blood to remove red blood cells and lower iron levels. Donating blood has also been linked to lowering an individual’s risk of heart attack, stroke, and cancer. Experts say by reducing iron within the blood cells, it allows a reduction in oxidative stress which betters cardiovascular and overall health.

According to WHO, this day also provides an opportunity to call to action to governments and national health authorities to provide adequate resources and put into place systems and infrastructures to increase the collection of blood from voluntary, non-remunerated blood donors.

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Today, this month, or within the next year, think about donating. Giving blood saves lives. Join Team Select in posting a picture of how you are participating in today’s World Blood Donor Day to help individuals and communities have access to safe blood around the world using #WorldBloodDonorDay. Follow along with us on social media at #TeamSelect or #TeamSelectFamily.

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