Arizona Family LHA Program

Arizona Family Licensed Health Aide Program

The Family LHA Program, nationally referred to as the Family CNA Program, is now available for medically fragile families.

Through the Family LHA Program, parents and legal guardians of medically fragile children can become a Licensed Health Aide to care for their loved ones at no cost to them or the state.

Benefits of Becoming an LHA

Ensure your loved one is cared for safely, appropriately and with your personal touch.

The Family LHA Program creates a reliable approach to care in the home.

Creates care consistency and continuity to promote stability for patients and their families.

The Family LHA Program provides family-centered, ongoing support.


Your loved one might qualify for LHA care if...

  • They have chronic diagnosis/medically complex needs.
  • Either your child is 0-20 years of age and all requirements of care and nursing hours are met as defined by the Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD). For those 21+, qualifying requirement within the DDD and Elderly and Physically Disabled (EPD) must be met to become eligible.

By applying with a home health agency and going through their hiring and onboarding process.

Hours are based off the medical need of the patient but on average a caregiver can work at least 30 hours a week. Hours for the medically fragile patient could be more but will depend on each state and how they adequate the hours base off medical need.

Medically complex diagnosis examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Mechanical Intervention
  • G-Tube
  • BiPap
  • Trach & Vent Care

Learn More

If you are interested in becoming a trained caregiver for your loved one with the Family LHA Program in Arizona, please contact Team Select for an evaluation. Once qualified, Team Select will send the parent or legal guardian to become a certified, trained caregiver for their loved one. After certification, the parent or legal guardian can then onboard with Team Select as an LHA.

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