5 Benefits to Team Select Mobile Physician Services 

Mobile Physician Services

5 Benefits to Team Select Mobile Physicians Services

Team Select Mobile Physician Services is your one-stop for care, offering a wide-variety of services from Dermatology Services to Palliative Care. But what are the benefits and differentiators to scheduling with Team Select Mobile Physician Services? 

While there are many added benefits to having a physician that comes to you, in this blog Team Select will review the top five benefits to choosing us as your preferred choice of mobile physician providers, in recognition of Primary Care Week! 

  1. Skip the Waiting Room and Traffic
Mobile Physician Services

When scheduling with Team Select Mobile Physician Services, patients can choose when and where they wish to have their appointment, making scheduling easy and convenient. 

  1. Around The Clock Patient Portal Access 

Being able to access your appointment notes, medications prescribed, and physician contact information whenever you need to is a huge benefit to scheduling with Team Select Mobile Physician Services. 

  1. Personalized, In-Home Education 

Our healthcare professionals work hand-in-hand with you and members of your family to ensure you have the knowledge you need to monitor health symptoms and enjoy life to its fullest. 

  1. Comprehensive Care Management

We offer a systematic assessment of a patient’s medical, functional, and psychological needs. 

  1. It’s The Future! 

“The case for mobile healthcare is compelling. Research supports the acceptability and cost savings associated with mobile care for the vulnerable. A systematic review of mobile health clinics  highlights the value and cost savings associated with providing readily accessible care to underserved communities. The convenience and reduced logistics afforded by mobile care eliminates access barriers for many low-income patients. Furthermore, data show mobile healthcare improves health outcomes, reduces avoidable emergency room use and bridges trust between patients and the healthcare system.” – Forbes

Mobile Physician Services

Team Select Mobile Physician Services proudly offers Dermatology Services, Geriatric Care, Mobile Diagnostic Testing, Palliative Care, Primary Care, Psychiatric Care and Telemedicine. We also proudly offer personalized care programs to fit each patient’s unique needs.

  • Chronic Care Management Program
  • Diabetic Care Management Program
  • Transitional Care Management Program

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