3 Tips for Fall Prevention During Winter Months

Fall Prevention

3 Tips for Fall Prevention During the Winter Months

Winter is commonly known as a time for families to rejoice during the holiday season but can also be an important time to re-visit fall prevention tips and best practices in common outdoor areas. Below are 3 tips from the #TeamSelectFamily on how to best prevent a fall.

1.       Protect your bone health
Keeping your bones strong and healthy can help improve fall prevention and benefit your overall health. Increasing your intake of calcium and vitamin D can also help protect against falls by strengthening your bones.

2.       Install lights in the common outdoor areas
Installing motion sensor or regular lights near all entrances and exits of your home will help prevent falls because it allows for better vision and allows individuals to better see slippery ice or avoid tripping on objects. If you or a loved one reside in an area that receives a high amount of snow, you can also ask a family member, friend, or landscaping company to pour salt on your common outdoor walking areas. Salt lowers the freezing point and helps melt the snow faster, allowing for a clearer walking path with easier clean up.

3.       Slow it down
Encouraging yourself and others to slow down and change their walking style while it may be cold and icy outside is a great way to improve fall prevention no matter where you go. According to Mayo Clinic, using a slower and wider gait better protects against falls.

If you or a loved one has suffered from a fall or frequently suffers from falls, there are several alert systems and devices that can help notify immediate contacts and emergency services of help. Check out the Best Medical Alert Systems of 2021 from U.S. News and World Report to help keep your loved one safe this holiday season.

Team Select offers home health patients a unique plan of action for care, including a Balance/Fall Risk Assessment in the home to better care for them. For further information, please contact your local office: https://tshc.com/locations/.